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Is a Career in Supply Chain Management Right for Me?

Supply chain management encompasses a broad range of activities necessary to plan, control and cost-effectively execute a product’s flow in a streamlined manner. It includes the optimization of the process such as the acquisition of raw materials along with the distribution of information and financial capital in numerous areas (such as planning, sourcing and logistics). Supply chain plays a critical role in today’s global business environment and the e-commerce industry. Eastern Academy offers a 57-week supply chain course to students in St. John’s. Our program aims at imparting the core skills required by the students to be successful in the industry. We also provide diploma programs in the field of healthcare, business and information technology.


Is Supply Chain Management Worth Exploring?

Here are a few factors that will help you decide if you should take a supply chain course and start working in one of the fastest growing career fields:

·      Versatility

With supply chain management, you can either choose to work for a big corporation, a small business, a local or federal government entity or a nonprofit organization. Supply chain professionals usually supervise materials, information and finances as they move from the supplier to the consumer. The role and responsibilities, however, can vary based on the industry and organization you are working for. If you are looking for a career in supply chain management, it is essential for you to understand what it is all about before deciding whether it aligns with your passion.

·      Opportunity for Growth

There are several different positions in this field, with some of the common entry-level ones being procurement and transportation analysts, inventory specialists and production coordinators. You can also opt to become an operations analyst, loading operator, sales, production manager or logistician. The best part is you are not limited to any particular position in this field and can take up advanced roles with experience or advanced education. This can potentially increase your wages and responsibility in some disciplines.

·      Data-Driven

Supply chain management is data and process oriented with professionals in different positions essentially focusing on quantifiable figures. The systems that are used to track supply and demand have become increasingly sophisticated to meet the demands of customers. A professional who can efficiently use the available tools to interpret data is a very valuable resource to any organization.

·      Competitive

Supply chain management is a demanding, fast-paced and competitive industry. As there are several companies competing for the same business, it is important for you to work extra hard and be passionate about what you do. This will not only take your company to the next level but will also provide you with an opportunity to grow and learn exponentially.


If you want to enrol in a nationally recognized career college for supply chain courses in St. John’s, get in touch with Eastern Academy. We have been training graduates from Canada and abroad for over 30 years. You can apply online to our programs. For further queries, contact us today!

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