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Start Your Career in Event Planning and Public Relations at Eastern Academy in St. John’s

Your favourite place to be is at a party. When your friends get together, it’s because you set up the Facebook event. You prefer planning other people’s birthday parties to your own. Obsessing over napkin colours, seating arrangements and decorations is your thing. You want to travel and meet interesting people at some of the coolest venues across the world. If you are reading this and thinking: “Hey! That’s me!” then you should probably consider a career as an event planner.

The Top 5 Reasons to Start a Career in Event Planning and Public Relations

Studying event planning and public relations prepares you for one of the most exciting and satisfying jobs one can do. At Eastern Academy in St. John’s, you will learn everything needed to get started and begin a long, successful career. Here are the top 5 reasons to study event planning and public relations.

  1. Events for every occasion – Whether your interest is in charity fundraisers, weddings or tech conventions, there is an event for everything and with them, the need for event planners. If you want to specialize in a specific niche or try your hand at a bit of everything, the choice is entirely up to you!
  2. The best cast of characters – As an event planner, you will meet the strangest, most interesting people from every background imaginable. A huge part of the job is just getting to know people and cultivating meaningful relationships. So, if that’s something you are already good at, you are starting out strong.
  3. Amazing opportunities for travel – Your career as an event planner can be your passport to some of the coolest places across the globe. Whether you are living on a cruise ship and organizing evening entertainment or planning a destination wedding, the job can take you anywhere. Travel the world as you work? What can be more exciting!
  4. Fresh challenges with every job – No two events are the same, which means with every new project, you will have new details, requirements and challenges to consider. Half the fun of being an event planner or public relations employee is that you have to think on your toes and you are constantly learning.
  5. The life of the party – Pulling off an event is an art whose reward is as immense as its achievement. Reaching the end of an event that you were responsible for and knowing you are the reason it succeeded is a feeling like no other and makes the job worth it.

If you are looking to dive head-first into the world of event planning and public relations, Eastern Academy’s program will give you the tools you need to get started. Our 82-week program combines rigorous theoretical training and practical application to give you the best preparation for one of the most exciting careers out there.

Begin your career in event planning and public relations today. Learn more about our Event Planner/Public Relations Specialist program or call us at 1-844-297-0777.

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