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What Do You Learn in a Business Course?

All organizations, regardless of industry, rely on business principles to prosper. Therefore, this is one of the most practical fields of study. Individuals who have completed a business course are well positioned to start their own establishment or excel in any industry they choose. These graduates are in high demand across the globe as business encompasses pretty much every aspect of modern human society. They are also often highly paid.


Students who have enrolled in business courses have the opportunity to develop their core skills across a wide range of subjects such as:


Learn from the industry leaders at Eastern Academy by enrolling in our business courses. We provide the practical insight and professional exposure you need to make the most of your degree. As  not everyone is ready to begin their college studies at the same time, we offer different program start dates.

Necessary Skills for Business Students


Business students develop critical skill sets like leadership, communication and analytical abilities by studying present-day theories. They may also undergo soft skills training to handle ambiguity, lead team-based projects and understand real-world business scenarios. They are also required to understand marketplace dynamics and possess strong logical skills.


If you want to pursue a degree in the business field or are seeking a specialization, we have listed a few options for you to choose from:

Business Diploma


A diploma helps a student develop an understanding of the basic skills required in business. This will prepare an individual to explore new career opportunities. The instructors are aware of the trends and skills required to make a contribution to this field. The students explore the basic principles of business practices and processes. These graduates develop a complete understanding of the industry, including the concepts of business law and human resources.

Bachelor’s Degree


A Bachelor of Science in Business Administration could be a requirement for most professional business careers. Having this degree may provide an advantage while applying for jobs; students develop proficiency in business management practices, become familiar with modern day technology..


The students acquire skills capable of facilitating successful interactions with others in a variety of roles and industries. They also learn fundamental management skills that help them pursue positions such as a financial analyst, a market research analyst or a human resources manager.

Master’s Degree


A Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree is designed for professionals who want to develop advanced knowledge in their field. It helps a student broaden their business competency across numerous business functions (international business, strategic marketing, operational management, change management, business conduct and funds management).


The faculty is usually deeply immersed in their respective fields. They understand the latest trends, emerging challenges and cutting edge theories in business. Students learn modern-day dynamics and skills that help them prepare for their career. They may go on to pursue roles such as a compliance officer or financial manager.

Doctoral Degree


A Doctor of Business Administration degree is designed for students who are preparing for senior-level responsibilities within their organization. These academics pursue research or teaching at the post-secondary level. Such candidates can broaden their knowledge of the specific subject matter such as organizational theory or microeconomics and practice advanced qualitative and quantitative research.


If you want to enroll in a business program in St. John’s, get in touch with Eastern Academy.  We offer industry curriculum, current certifications and networking opportunities needed to be successful after graduation. For more information, contact us today!

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