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We are excited to share that Eastern Academy will be integrating into Academy Canada beginning in August 2024! This transition will offer enhanced educational offerings and provide new opportunities for students.

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We are committed to making this transition smooth and positive for everyone involved. Our focus remains on our students and providing them with the best educational experience possible. Please contact us at or 709-722-8580 for more information.

Business Administration

If you have well-defined goals of becoming an accountant, an entrepreneur or a business operations manager, a Business Administration diploma will provide a strong foundation for any career you might choose. Eastern Academy offers business courses in St John’s which combine practical learning experiences with unique content. Take a look at the specifications of the diploma:

8-week field placement
Certificate of Supervisory Management, Canadian Institute of Management
Training on the latest technical and accounting software
Program Length: 62 Weeks.

We are also proud to offer information technology and supply chain programs.

Business Administration Course by Eastern Academy

Earning a business administration diploma in St. John’s opens doors to a wide variety of career opportunities. This diploma equips graduates with a broad understanding of business fields, like Finance, Marketing, and Human Resources. We also teach students how to manage and supervise a business operation. Business administration is a popular choice for students, as it can make your career really take off.

Students in our business administration programs study the fundamentals of business as well as management best practices, making them indispensable to any organization. They learn to plan, manage, organize, lead, and support the human, financial, and physical resources that make a business run efficiently and effectively. Through Eastern Academy provided coursework and training, students develop the skills required of a leader, including analytical, communication, and problem-solving skills along with proper knowledge regarding everything they do.

Program Overview

A Business Administration diploma gives you valuable insight into all of the roles needed for a business to function successfully. You’ll learn how to: apply management techniques, understand economic factors that drive business, read and prepare financial statements, develop, and much more.

Additionally, our Business Administration program includes accounting courses which begin by familiarizing you with basic bookkeeping and move all the way into working with today’s modern accounting software packages.

This intensive program prepares you for the world of business by focusing on the skills that employers need the most out of graduates. If you’ve got the drive, we’ve got the business program for you.

Program Courses

Student Success Strategies 20 hours
Software Lab: Computer Fundamentals 40
Software Lab: Word Processing 40
Software Lab: Spreadsheets 40
Software Lab: Presentations 40
Software Lab: Database Management 40
Economics 80 Marketing 80
Finance 40
Internal Control 40
Human Resources 80
Business Law 80
Bookkeeping Level I and II 80
Intermediate and Management Accounting 80
Computerized Accounting with Sage 50 80
Computerized Accounting with Sage 300 80
Business Math 40
Writing for Comprehension 40
Image Development 20
Career Planning and Preparation Level I 20
Career Planning and Preparation Level II 20
Field Placement – 8 Weeks
Total Weeks – 62


The Business Administration Diploma program will qualify grads to pursue positions such as Office Administration, Bookkeeper, Executive Office Assistant and Business Applications Specialist. Note: Some career and education options may require advanced degrees, further training or experience.

There are various career options for Business Administration graduates across various sectors of industry. Be it the banking sector, financial sector, marketing companies, or research organizations, the need for Business Administrators is endless and organizations are keen on hiring professionals with a keen grasp of business administration.


This program includes the potential for Microsoft certifications in Word and Excel. Exam Vouchers may be purchased at an additional cost.


Eastern Academy has an Articulation Agreement with Yorkville University in New Brunswick that automatically awards graduates of the Business Administration program 45 block transfer credits toward completion of Yorkville University’s Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree. To be eligible for admission and the awarding of this block of transfer credits, students must have graduated with a minimum grade of 70% in each course in the Business Administration program.

Graduates of the Business Administration program who wish to continue to pursue Yorkville University’s BBA degree can complete all required courses online.

We ensure through our programs that all our students get the required skills for getting a decent job in the future.


Grade 12 or equivalent or mature student status. Please call the campus for more details on business courses in St John’s. You can also fill out our online form for further questions. We will respond promptly.

NOC Code: 1431, 0124
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Business Administration Course in St. John’s
Get a bright future with Eastern Academy’s courses!
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