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Personal Care Attendant Program in St John’s

NEW: The provincial government has announced new recruitment and retention bonuses for Personal Care Attendants in long-term care. New PCAs will be eligible to receive up to $4,300 to work in long-term care for a one-year return in service commitment (learn more). The provincial government also offers student bursaries of up to $5,000 in exchange for a service commitment after graduation (learn more).

With an ever-increasing need for healthcare facilities, people in Canada are looking for specialized care for an aging population. Do you want to learn the art of taking care of aging, ailing or disabled communities? If yes, join Eastern academy in St. John’s for the personal care attendant program. A certified personal care assistant is responsible for providing support and helping clients in every aspect of their daily life through companionship, physical, psychological and spiritual care, which is missing otherwise if you are dealing with the ailments alone. We use classroom instruction, skill development laboratories and supervised practical evaluations to provide learners with the necessary skills to work with clients in a variety of institutionalized settings.

If you are looking forward to such a career prospect, join our personal care attendant program in St. John’s. Some of the other programs that we offer include massage therapy and medical administrative specialist. Prepare yourself for career opportunities with assisted living facilities and nursing homes.

Program Details
Program Length: 30 Weeks

Program Overview

The Personal Care Attendant Educational Program (2018) was developed to provide students with an opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills that can be applied in the practice setting. A personal care assistant has soft skills to work with the elderly, sick or persons with disabilities. Our educational curriculum is grounded and structured around four domains, including safety, knowledge and skills development, communication and documentation, and professionalism. These domains are reflective of core competencies outlined in the Canadian Educational Standards for Personal Care Providers (2012).

The purpose of the Personal Care Attendant Educational Program is to prepare graduates who have the knowledge and skills required to meet the necessary guidelines for prospective employment in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Program Courses

The total duration for acquiring holistic learning for client-centered care across the life span is for 30 weeks. Some of the many topics and courses you will study includes:

Foundations of Practice 32 hours
Essentials for Communication and Documentation 32
Workplace Safety 24
Understanding Aging, Delirium, and Dementia 24
End of Life Care 24
Fundamentals I: Care Basics 68
Fundamentals I: Skills Labs 36
Basic Concepts for Medication Awareness 16
Personal and Career Development Seminars 8
Mental Health Concepts 20
Fundamentals II: Body Systems Approach to Care 64
Fundamentals II: Skills Labs 12
Clinical Practice I (4 weeks) 140
Clinical Practice II (5 weeks) 175
Clinical Preceptorship (3 weeks) 105
Total Program Length – 26 weeks


Personal Care Attendants play a vital role in the healthcare industry to help provide patients with care and comfort. Graduates of the Personal Care Attendant (PCA) program will be eligible for employment as PCAs in all facilities operated by the four Regional Health Authorities in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. Graduates will also be qualified for PCA positions in privately owned/operated health care facilities. The Personal Care Attendant Program in St John’s at Eastern Academy prepares students for these careers with a combination of training and lab work. You will become equipped to enter the workforce confidently. Connect with us for counseling or other queries you may have.

Why Study This Program?

A personal care attendant is someone who can be present in close vicinity of the clients/ patients/ residents and help them perform their daily tasks efficiently and effectively. A career in this area is not only rewarding and impactful but can also be quick and offers high job security. Read on the benefits to learn more about why a job as a personal care attendant is fulfilling and accessible.

It is much different from other programs, and the learning can be quick and cost-effective, lasting only a few months.
With the rise in population, demand for personal care assistants will also rise to make it a high in demand job with greater job security.
You have an irreplaceable effect on your clients as a caretaker and friend.
Opportunity to help people in need.
Helping clients live a quality life without sacrificing their privacy, dignity and freedom.
Greater flexibility to balance your career as the job is typically composed of shifts.


Eligibility for the admission in personal care attendant program at Eastern Academy requires the applicant to meet the following criterion:

Grade 12, Adult High School Diploma, or High School Equivalency (GED);
Mature applicants with a minimum of Grade 10 may be considered for this program and must pass a high school equivalency test;
Clear Conduct Certificate;
A Vulnerable Sector search is required;
Mentally and physically able to complete requirements for the job;
Provide their own transportation that is acceptable to their clinical agency;
Complete a standardized health form and proof of immunization;
Demonstrate proficiency in English at a minimum of Level 8.
Provide two reference letters supporting entrance into the program
20 volunteer service hours within the past two years
Provide a one page written personal statement

NOC CODE: 4412, 3413

Salary information may be found at

What does a Personal Care Attendant do?

After graduating from the Personal Care Attendant program at Eastern Academy, you will be equipped to care for elderly, disabled and mentally impaired clients. As a Personal Care Attendant, you will be responsible for providing various personal services such as transportation, cleaning, etc., and emotional support. Our program will train you to be well organized and hone your communication skills.

At Eastern Academy, we ensure people gain employment through something they believe in. We have an entire team here that focuses on the graduate placement and will help you find a job near the end of the program.

Who Should Go For This Program?

It is well suited for people who:

Love the challenges of working with individuals of all ages.

Willing to work with people belonging to different cultural backgrounds.

Have good communication and interpersonal skills that can make people feel comfortable.

Enjoy working with other people as a team member and have team-building skills.

Have emotional ability to handle physically and emotionally demanding situations.

Happens to have strong time management and organizational skills.

Would you love a career where you are responsible for providing care and companionship to people battling significant illnesses? Or where you are making a positive difference for persons with disabilities? If so, Eastern Academy’s Personal Care Attendant program in St John’s is the right fit for you. It will prepare you to become a Personal Care Attendant at Newfoundland and Labrador’s four regional health authorities and other privately owned and operated facilities. You can get in touch with our team if you wish to tour the campus or looking for more information about our programs.


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Are You a Naturally Caring Person?
Consider becoming a personal care attendant and help people in need.
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