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Our Skilled & Experienced Faculty

At Eastern Academy, we regularly ask students what they enjoy most about attending Eastern. Every year the answer is the same.

Students truly respect and appreciate the teachers and support staff that makes this such a special place.
They know they are learning important skills in valuable professions.
They know they are cared about.
They feel at home.

The Eastern Academy faculty and administration are second-to-none. They are highly-educated, well-prepared and genuinely committed to providing the highest quality education possible.

Our Admissions Team is ready to help you make the best possible career decisions and support you throughout the enrollment process. They will offer sound career advice, help you with the paperwork and get you settled in college.

Once enrolled, our Instructors and Support Staff will work hard to help you succeed. They will provide exciting training and to do whatever it takes to ensure that you meet your career goals…while enjoying the experience.

Included amongst our Instructors are accomplished business leaders, Registered Massage Therapists, certified IT Specialists, professional Counsellors, licensed Pharmacists experienced Personal Care Providers and proven Administrative Professionals, amongst others. We think you’ll be impressed by their credentials and passion.

As you near graduation our focus will shift towards supporting your job search. We have a full department that will provide guidance on building relationships with employers, identifying jobs, preparing an awesome resume and mastering the art of the interview.

At Eastern Academy we offer our students the full package! Why not let our team help you fulfill your dreams?

A full staff list can be found below:

Campus Administration

Campus Director – Deborah Guest
Assistant Campus Director – Erin Hogan
Curriculum Coordinator – Brian Galway
Admissions Consultant – Bernadette Noftall
Financial Aid Officer – Cathy Murphy
Employment Specialist – Lisa Roestenberg
Employment Specialist – Angela Pitcher
Records Administrative Coordinator – Jessica Carew
Administrative Assistant – Samantha Brown


Accounting/Computer Applications – George Pomroy
Accounting and Business – Sharon Warren
Child and Youth Care with Addictions Support Worker – Janine Genge
Child and Youth Care with Addictions Support Worker – Pam Myles
Child and Youth Care with Addictions Support Worker – Debra Ryan
Home Support Worker/Personal Care Attendant – Diane Butler
Information Systems Specialist + – Ian Gosse
Massage Therapy – Amanda Baird
Massage Therapy – Stephen Barnes
Massage Therapy – Matt Moore
Massage Therapy – Arielle Noseworthy
Massage Therapy (Clinic Supervisor) – Brittany O’Brien
Massage Therapy (Clinic Supervisor) – Elizabeth Walsh
Medical Office Assistant – Catherine Taylor
Supply Chain and Logistics – Bonnie Churchill