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We are excited to share that Eastern Academy will be integrating into Academy Canada beginning in August 2024! This transition will offer enhanced educational offerings and provide new opportunities for students.

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We are committed to making this transition smooth and positive for everyone involved. Our focus remains on our students and providing them with the best educational experience possible. Please contact us at or 709-722-8580 for more information.

Our Skilled & Experienced Faculty

At Eastern Academy, we regularly ask students what they enjoy most about attending Eastern. Every year the answer is the same.

Students truly respect and appreciate the teachers and support staff that makes this such a special place.
They know they are learning important skills in valuable professions.
They know they are cared about.
They feel at home.

The Eastern Academy faculty and administration are second-to-none. They are highly-educated, well-prepared and genuinely committed to providing the highest quality education possible.

Our Admissions Team is ready to help you make the best possible career decisions and support you throughout the enrollment process. They will offer sound career advice, help you with the paperwork and get you settled in college.

Once enrolled, our Instructors and Support Staff will work hard to help you succeed. They will provide exciting training and to do whatever it takes to ensure that you meet your career goals…while enjoying the experience.

Included among our instructors are accomplished business leaders, Registered Massage Therapists, certified IT specialists, professional counsellors, Registered Nurses and proven administrative professionals, amongst others. We think you’ll be impressed by their credentials and passion.

As you near graduation our focus will shift towards supporting your job search. We have a full department that will provide guidance on building relationships with employers, identifying jobs, preparing an awesome resume and mastering the art of the interview.

At Eastern Academy we offer our students the full package! Why not let our team help you fulfill your dreams?

A full staff list can be found below:

Campus Administration

Regional Director – Anita Morgan
Curriculum Coordinator – Larry Eddy
Manager of Marketing and Admissions – Jordan Snow
Admissions Consultant – Bernadette Noftall
Financial Aid Officer – Cathy Murphy
Employment Specialist – Angela Pitcher
Administrative Assistant – Karen Fifield


Accounting and Business – Richard Murphy
Child and Youth Care with Addictions Support Worker – Kayla Little
Child and Youth Care with Addictions Support Worker – Pam Myles
Child and Youth Care with Addictions Support Worker – Debra Ryan
Information Systems Specialist + – Brad Batten
Software Labs Instructor – Levi Pike
Massage Therapy – Sharon Parsons
Massage Therapy (Clinic Supervisor) – Katey Hart
Medical Administrative Specialist – Jo-Anne Duke
Personal Care Attendant – Diane Butler
Personal Care Attendant – Annette Ellsworth
Supply Chain and Logistics – Bonnie Churchill

Staff Profiles

Diane Butler – Home Support Worker/Personal Care Attendant Instructor

Diane Butler has an extensive background in many nursing fields, including Urology, Mental Health, Pediatrics, Long Term Care, Intensive Care, and Coronary Care.

She presently works an occasional Long Term Care shift.

As a Home Support Worker/Personal Care Attendant Instructor, Diane enjoys teaching aspiring care givers as well as telling many stories related to her experiences.

Diane is presently working on my diploma in teaching adult learners from Memorial University.

With the nursing role constantly changing, Diane sees the delight to instruct Home Support Worker/Personal Care Attendant students about their important roles in the Healthcare field. They are the ‘eyes and the ears’ of Nurses!

Bonnie Churchill – Supply Chain and Logistics Instructor

Bonnie has over 20 years experience working in Financial Management, Operation Management, Project Management, and Supply Chain and Logistics sectors.

She has worked in progressive private sector roles throughout Newfoundland and Labrador and internationally.

Throughout Bonnie’s career, she has been involved in Operations Management, Financial Planning, Change Management, Project Management, Property Management, Strategic Planning, Conflict Resolution, Contract Negotiations, Collective Agreement Negotiations, Leadership Development, Risk Assessment, Acquisitions/Mergers, Human Resource and Payroll.

Bonnie has supporting paperwork in the Business, Accounting, Computers, Payroll, Post-Secondary Education, Petro ED., Supply Chain and Logistics, and Canadian International Freight Forwarding (CIFFA) areas. She provides lectures, group discussions, industry knowledge, field trips, and off campus conferences to advance her student’s knowledge.

Collette Garland – Software Instructor

Collette has a colourful background to contribute to her role as an instructor.

She has a Petroleum Engineering Technology Diploma from College of the North Atlantic, and a Bachelor of Education Degree and a Post-Secondary Instructor’s Certificate from Memorial University.

Collette has 7 years combined experience with teaching, tutoring and home schooling.

In addition to her teaching experience, she has technical and office experience in the oil and gas industry, medical, and transportation fields.

Each student is welcomed into her class with enthusiasm, support, and patience.

Pam Myles – Child and Youth Care with Addictions Support Worker Instructor

Pam is a full time Child and Youth Care with Addictions Support Worker Instructor and the Field Placement Coordinator.

She is a Child and Youth Care graduate program through CompuCollege/Eastern College (now Eastern Academy) with an extensive background in Psychology, Development, and Health Services through Memorial University.

Pam has worked in various Child and Youth Care roles including Supervised Access Worker, Child and Youth Care Worker in individual and group residential care settings, and a counsellor for at-risk women experiencing homelessness. She has also spent the last spent the last 9 years as a Child and Youth Care Counsellor with the Janeway Child and Adolescent Inpatient Psychiatry Program through Eastern Health, and continues this work while teaching at Eastern Academy.

She has been with Eastern Health since the Child and Youth Care Worker role in the healthcare sector was conceived and is a strong advocate for its continued growth in our province. Pam is an active Newfoundland and Labrador Child and Youth Care Association member and encourages active student participation as well.

As a Child and Youth Care with Addictions Support Worker instructor, pam believes in creating learning opportunities that allow students to critically examine issues/challenges in working with young people and families with a trauma informed, developmental and strengths based lens. She is incredibly passionate about helping students find and excel in field placement experiences that will both enhance their strengths and provide challenges to facilitate greater growth as Child and Youth Care Workers.

Bernadette Noftall – Education Consultant

Bernadette has been Eastern Academy’s Education Consultant for 16 years.

She is here to help you with your career path and educational needs, and will take the time to sit with you to ensure she has answered all questions you may have while choosing which career path is right for you.

With Bernadette’s experience, she has become a friend and confidant to more that 5,000 graduates since she began her position as an Educational Consultant in 2003.

Bernadette looks forward to meeting with you someday soon to chat and answer any questions you may have.

Angela Pitcher – Employment Specialist

With 20+ years’ experience working in the Human Resources, Management, and Education sector, Angela Pitcher has held several private and public sector roles.

She has worked locally and internationally throughout her career as an Office Administrator, Human Resources Specialist, General Manager, Instructor, Employment Specialists, Vice Principal, Business Education Coordinator.

Angela has an Office Administration Diploma, and a Bachelor of Vocational Education Degree from Memorial University.

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