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Information System Course in St John’s

8-week field placement
Prepares students for certification in CompTIA A+, Network+, Security+, MDA, and others
Program Length: 71 Weeks

Program Overview

The Information Systems Specialist+ program is designed for students wishing to develop specialized network implementation and support skills that meet a recognized level of technical proficiency and expertise with desktop, server, and cloud components.

Students study architecture, planning, implementation, configuration and support of desktop and server systems in Local Area and global Wide Area Network environments. They will develop practical skills through hands on training to design, plan, install, monitor and administer these systems. Graduates may successfully compete for positions such as Computer Support Specialist, Network Architect, Network Administrator, Technical Support, Desktop Technician, Network Engineer or Network Security Specialist.

Program Courses:

Module (Hours):
Student Success Strategies (20)
Software Lab: Computer Fundamentals (40)
Software Lab: Software Fundamentals (40)
Network+ (80)
A+ (160)
Security+ (80)
Configuring Windows Devices (80)
Installing and Configuring Windows (80)
Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals (80)
Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate (80)
Microsoft 365 Certified Fundamentals (80)
Microsoft 365 Certified Security Administrator Associate (80)
Microsoft 365 Certified Messaging Administrator Associate (80)
Introduction to Cisco Routers (160)
UNIX/Linux (80)
Career Planning and Preparation Part I (20)
Career Planning and Preparation Part II (20)
Field Placement – 8 Weeks
Total Weeks – 71

Eastern Academy’s Information Systems Specialist+ program is designed for students wishing to develop specialized network implementation and support skills. Students will develop practical skills through hands on training to design, plan, install, monitor and administer these systems.

Why Study Information System Courses

It is imperative to understand the ‘why’ before beginning a course on Information Systems at Eastern Academy. The Information Systems program enables you to use computers for achieving business goals. The course offers you a basic knowledge of various aspects of information systems.
In a business environment, several technological challenges come up, and each requires a distinctive solution. After studying the Information System program, you will assist your company in getting the best solution possible. Apart from this, it equips you with the potential to undertake programming in the near future, an essential part of the information systems industry.


A student must obtain an overall grade, in each module of at least 70% in order to graduate and receive a diploma. A student must complete all requirements of the Student Success Strategies as well as the Field Placement requirements for this program.

Job Profile of an Information Systems Specialist

In the current fast-paced world dominated by a myriad of technologies, having a career in the field provides for a deeper understanding. Our Information Systems course in St. John’s will help create a specialist who develops and supports an organization’s computer technology and database systems.

Information systems specialists are often referred to as computer systems analysts, programmers or analysts. They usually work full-time, transforming the business problems into information systems solutions.

You can expect employment as an information systems specialist with one corporation or as a consultant, who is either self-employed or assigned to projects by an information technology firm. To be an information systems specialist you must acquire decision-making, analytical, communication, and organizational skills.

You are also expected to have a working knowledge of programming, database applications, and systems designs. Having a certification is an added advantage.


Information Systems Specialists are able to gain employment in a number of positions with a multitude of employers. Some of the jobs available are: systems administrator, security administrator, network operator, systems architect, hardware installation technician and technical support analyst, software installation technician and technical support analyst, system support representative, and technical support supervisor.

Even though there are numerous career opportunities in the field, each position requires some of the following basic qualities:

Analytical skills
Presentation skills
Self-development skills
Team spirit
Time management
Communication skills

As an Information Systems graduate from Eastern Academy, you can fill various roles like a business analyst, SQL specialists and much more.


The Information Systems Specialist+ program helps students prepare for certification in the following areas: Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) A+, Network+, and Security+; Microsoft Modern Desktop Administrator for Windows 10 (MDA), Office 365, Microsoft Azure Cloud, as well as Cisco Routing. These certifications are not a graduation requirement.


Eastern Academy has an Articulation Agreement with Yorkville University in New Brunswick that automatically awards graduates of the Information Systems Specialist + program 36 block transfer credits toward completion of Yorkville University’s Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree. To be eligible for admission and the awarding of this block of transfer credits, students must have graduated with a minimum grade of 70% in each course in the Information Systems Specialist+ program.

Graduates of the Information Systems Specialist + program who wish to continue to pursue Yorkville University’s BBA degree can complete all required courses online.


Grade 12 or equivalent or mature student status
Grade 10 minimum is required for mature student applicants

NOC CODE: 2281, 2282
Salary information may be found on:

Improve your career prospects in the field of information systems with our experienced and dedicated faculty. We believe in individualized personal and personality development to our students. Apply today! You can also check our website for financing options.


Information Systems Specialists Program With Eastern Academy
Do you aspire to become an information systems specialist? Then enroll with Eastern Academy to boost your career prospects.
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