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Host A Student Or Hire A Grad

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We are excited to share that Eastern Academy will be integrating into Academy Canada beginning in August 2024! This transition will offer enhanced educational offerings and provide new opportunities for students.

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We are committed to making this transition smooth and positive for everyone involved. Our focus remains on our students and providing them with the best educational experience possible. Please contact us at or 709-722-8580 for more information.

Host A Student Or Hire A Grad

Students in our Diploma programs complete an unpaid field placements ranging in length from 4 – 16 weeks. Student placement at a host site is designed to:

Provide the student with opportunities to develop new skills and gain knowledge, and confidence in applying their professional learning
Provide support and learning experiences to enable our students to successfully complete their program and to gain valuable work experience

Employers are asked to provide exposure to, and experience in, the areas of interest relevant to the student’s field of study, as well as an appropriate level of supervision to the student in all activities and tasks during the placement. Employers are requested to complete a brief, standard evaluation form provided to them, which assesses the student’s technical skill, professional conduct, and ability to handle the work assigned to them.

We recognize that it is through the endeavors of committed host sites that we are able to provide quality training for students in the field.

Eastern Academy Employment Specialists are available to answer any questions employers may have about hosting a student from our programs. We are also committed to supporting both the student and the employer through frequent communication, assisting with any issues and/or differences that occur during the field placement.

Eastern Academy very much appreciates the time and support employers provide to our student/s and hope you will consider participating as a host employer.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

Strengthen Your Workforce – Hire an Eastern Academy Graduate

Graduates from Eastern Academy’s Diploma programs are eager to work in their new careers. Our graduates are able to apply their newly-obtained skills in the workplace to benefit any business. Eastern Academy graduates are flexible and adaptable to fit within any workplace, and are open to learning new skills and gaining a wealth of experience in a variety of areas.

Let our Employment Specialists help you find the graduate that’s the right fit for your available employment opportunities and for your work environment. We would be happy to offer our expertise in fulfilling your employment needs.

Hire a new graduate and your company will have an employee with up-to-date skills and training, and a fresh perspective, which will have a positive effect on your business.

Contact our Employment Specialists at 709-722-8580 to recruit your next employee.

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