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We are excited to share that Eastern Academy will be integrating into Academy Canada beginning in August 2024! This transition will offer enhanced educational offerings and provide new opportunities for students.

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We are committed to making this transition smooth and positive for everyone involved. Our focus remains on our students and providing them with the best educational experience possible. Please contact us at or 709-722-8580 for more information.

Business School in St. John’s Providing Business Programs

Are you considering joining a business school in St. John’s? Earning a well-respected business education can make the difference between getting a good job and a great job in Canada. As experience matters, we at Eastern Academy encourage you to get trained by industry veterans who bring their expertise and insight into our classroom every day. Our St. John’s-based business programs are taught by industry leaders to help you gain the practical understanding and professional exposure needed to help you make the most of your Diploma.

Business graduates are in high demand worldwide because their certification is versatile and can be a ticket to many exciting career paths.

At Eastern Academy, the opportunities are inspiring and vast. Along with our regular programs, we offer online courses to help you upskill and improve your management skills, business strategy and other vocational capabilities.

If you are interested in understanding our enrollment process or want further details about our diploma programs, get in touch with us today.

Do I Need a Business Diploma?

It is entirely normal to question or reconsider essential decisions in life. Pursuing a formal education is a crucial decision that requires clarity. Before you enroll in a business diploma program, here are a few questions to consider to make sure it’s the right fit for you:

Am I looking for training that offers me tremendous flexibility in my career path?
Am I looking to work my way up the Canadian or international corporate ladder?
Am I ready for a fast-paced, competitive lifestyle?
Would I love the opportunity to travel the globe?
Would I like to get a job with a substantial salary and excellent growth potential?
Would I love to start my own business and be my own boss?

Once you have taken the time to reflect, you can decide with a clear goal for your future education and professional development. You can always drop us a line if you are still at crossroads about making the right decision.

Valuable Skills for Today’s Job Market

A business diploma is one of the most flexible and promising programs for finding future employment since business graduates often have the aptitude for working in just about any industry. Whether you want a career in accounting and bookkeeping, payroll, marketing, public relations, human resources, finance, or operations, having a well-rounded business education is highly valued by potential employers. Business programs at Eastern Academy prepare students with an industry-leading curriculum, current certifications, networking opportunities, and the specialized skills needed to be successful after graduation.

Head to our blog post for examples of dream jobs requiring a business diploma. Explore the possibilities and discover how a business diploma can pave the way for a rewarding career.

Top-tier Business School in St. John’s

Our business program is designed and customized to provide students with the latest business management skills. The courses are aimed to help students navigate the competitive business environment, understand the global economy, and make data-driven decisions.

We provide a flexible environment that facilitates learning in different situations and encourages students to develop strong critical thinking, decision-making, and analytical skills to help them succeed in today’s world.

Discover what you will learn in the business program here to make an informed decision about your career.

Programs We Offer

Broaden your horizons by learning something new. Enroll in our business management courses and develop your interest into something you can use in your professional endeavours. The programs we offer include:

Accounting & Payroll Administrator
Administrative Specialist
Business Administration
Insurance Broker

Contact us today to learn more about our business programs and embark on a rewarding educational journey with Eastern Academy.

Business Programs Video

If you are interested in pursuing an educational program for business studies, then consider enrolling at Eastern Academy. See the video below and get inspired.


Learn from Industry Veterans
Gain professional exposure and practical insights through our business programs and get valuable experience from our business school in St. John’s.
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