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Student Life

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Student Life

At Eastern Academy, we believe that training and personal development for any career happens not just in the classroom or during your time in college, but also in the real world.

“Student Life” highlights a student’s experience at Eastern Academy, opportunities to learn about potential employers after they graduate, important activities happening inside and outside the classroom, and personal achievements that enhances the college experience.

Spotlights on Amazing Students

Makayla – “Personal Care Attendant” Student
Posted June 7, 2023

Personal Care Attendant students, Makayla, enjoys the hands on experience in training to be a Personal Care Attendant through Eastern Academy.

She also enjoys the happy learning environment she gets from her classmates, teacher, and the college.

Rebekah – “Accounting and Payroll Administrator” Student
Posted June 7, 2023

For Accounting and Payroll Administrator student, Rebekah, being in class doesn’t feel like being in a class.

She love the feel of hanging out when attending classes.

Kaitlyn – “Child and Youth Care with Addictions Support Worker” Student
Posted May 31, 2023

“Child and Youth Care with Addictions Support Worker” student, Kaitlyn, praises Eastern Academy and their instructors for a welcoming and accommodating learning environment.

Chelsea – “Medical Administrative Specialist” Student
Posted May 24, 2023

Medical Administrative Specialist student, Chelsea, believes that Eastern Academy’s welcoming and accommodating atmosphere ensures that we help our students start their career path from completing their program to landing their first job.

Our instructors like Holly make a big difference to our aspiring professionals.

Robyn – “Child and Youth Care with Addictions Support Worker” Student
Posted May 17, 2023

“Child and Youth Care with Addictions Support Worker” student, Robyn, loves the in class discussion and different views within the lectures.

She enjoys the modules, topics, and relationships alongside instructors and students.

Alyssa – Medical Administrative Specialist Student
Posted May 10, 2023

Medical Administrative Specialist student, Alyssa, met some amazing students, teachers, and friends while studying at Eastern Academy.

She also believes that instructors like Holly are amazing teachers.

Learn more about our Medical Administrative Specialist program at

Jeff – “Child and Youth Care with Addictions Support Worker” Student
Posted May 2, 2023

“Child and Youth Care with Addictions Support Worker” student, Jeff, says the instructors are amazing and the school goes above and beyond to make students feel motivated to succeed and ready for their chosen career path.

Jeff believes that Eastern Academy’s inclusive learning environment is a great fit for everyone.

He believes that no matter the circumstances you face, everyone is welcome at Eastern Academy.

If you want to learn more about our “Child and Youth Care with Addictions Support Worker” program, please click here.

“Supply Chain and Logistics” Field Trips

Student Life – “Supply Chain and Logistics Edition”
Posted November 24, 2022

November 23, 2022 Supply Chain and Logistics class with instructor Bonnie Churchill centred around negotiations.

Students applied the skills they acquired throughout the Negotiations & Supplier Management module in a virtual mock negotiation.

During the simulated negotiations, students served as an employer and negotiated a Collective Bargaining Agreement for the City of Mt. Pearl workers.

Great work everyone! It’s terrific to see students thrive while navigating real-world scenarios in the classroom.

Bonnie says students showed “flexibility, strategy and reflection skills” while working towards a win-win agreement.

Supply Chain and Logistics students, Shawn F., Ross H., and Hans H. in action. Please note that the negotiations between City of Mount Pearl and employees were a simulation, not a real world situation.

Student Life – “Supply Chain and Logistics” 2nd Edition
Posted February 26, 2023

On February 23, 2023, our Supply Chain and Logistics class enjoyed a site visit at the A. Harvey Marine Base, Offshore Container Depot and Logistics Office. The students received an impressive tour and information session from the A. Harvey team.

A. Harvey and Company Ltd. began operations in 1865 and currently holds the distinction of being one of Newfoundland and Labrador’s most historic and diversified firms. They provide a wide range of services (many marine-oriented) through their distinct divisions. Examples of services include customs brokerage, freight forwarding and project logistics – all major subject areas in our Supply Chain and Logistics program!

This was a great way for the students to view different areas of their industry in action and everyone enjoyed their day. Experiences like these provide a valuable learning opportunity and a new perspective on the information the students learn in the classroom.

Thank you to the A. Harvey team for sharing your time and expertise!

What is Supply Chain and Logistics?

It’s not a term we hear daily, yet the supply chain is all around us. It’s the network that delivers our goods and services, from manufacturing to warehousing and retail. Supply chain management is about managing the flow of information, materials, and finances that ultimately turn raw materials into finished goods, making them ready for the consumer. To say that the supply chain industry is massive would be an understatement!

Learn more about our program here:

In these two photos, Eastern Academy’s “Supply Chain and Logistics” students took a field trip to “A. Harvey and Company” logistics office in St. John’s.

Student Life – “Supply Chain and Logistics” 3rd Edition
Posted March 2, 2023

On March 1, 2023, our Supply Chain and Logistics students had the opportunity to visit Cougar Helicopters Inc. Students had a terrific experience touring the hangar; learning about the operations and process of bringing people offshore; and meeting with Cougar’s Logistics Manager, Purchasing Officer, and Safety Officer.

Cougar Helicopters is a St. John’s based commercial helicopter company servicing offshore oil and gas fields off Newfoundland’s coast.

They are a recognized and respected leader among helicopter operators throughout the industry by always remaining proactive in the advancement of flight safety.

Cougar Helicopters performs a range of vital services including Flight Following and Asset Tracking, Offshore Aerial Construction, Offshore Transportation, Helideck Services, and Search and Rescue.

Recent and upcoming topics the students will study include International Transportation and Trade, Freight Forwarding, Logistics and Transportation, and Professional Purchasing.

This site visit offered a great way to see those concepts in action and learn their real-world applications.

Thank you to the Cougar Helicopters team for welcoming our students and sharing your time and expertise!

In these two photos, Eastern Academy’s “Supply Chain and Logistics” students took a field trip to Cougar Helicopters logistics office in St. John’s.

Student Life – “Supply Chain and Logistics” 4th Edition
Posted April 17, 2023

Our Supply Chain and Logistics class recently had the opportunity to visit Labatt Brewing Company Ltd. The students had a fantastic tour of the full supply chain in action from receiving of empty bottles/the recycling process, the manufacturing of the brews, raw materials, finished inventory, the packaging process and all steps in between. This offered great insights and ties in nicely to topics covered in the program including inventory control, materials management and more.

Portions of this site visit were hosted by our very own SCL program alumni who are currently working as Labatt’s Logistics Business Project Manager, Inventory Analyst, and Gate Controller. Thank you to each of you and to the other Labatt team members who provided such a great learning experience for the students.

Labatt is one of Canada’s founding businesses and it’s leading beverage company. Their roots go back 175 years to a single small brewery founded by John Kinder Labatt in London, Ontario in 1847.

Today they are a national brewer with 3,700+ employees across Canada, a portfolio of more than 70 brands, and ten breweries from coast to coast.

LaBatt’s Brewery manufactures more than 70 different beer and lager brands each day.

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