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Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a flexible and rewarding career option to consider. Expertise in this profession allows you to work with clinics, spas and physiotherapy centres. If you are interested, Eastern Academy provides massage therapy training in St John’s for a career in the health and wellness field.

Training Program Details
Real-world work experience with clinical outreach sessions
Recognized by the Newfoundland and Labrador Massage Therapist Association (NLMTA)
Program Length: 88 Weeks

Program Overview

Interested in helping and healing others through touch? Whether you’re helping to reduce stress or providing relief from muscle conditions, the Massage Therapy program at Eastern Academy is an ideal fit if you’re interested in promoting health and wellness through physical contact.

Not only will you learn the technical massage skills required for this career, you’ll also walk away with knowledge on client relations and business best practices to get you working in Massage Therapy, fast.

Program Courses

Student Success Strategies 20 Hours
Software Lab: Computer Fundamentals 40
Professional Business Ethics, Regulations and Business Practice 20
Human Relations 20
Public Health 20
Introduction to Massage Therapy and Medical Terminology 80
Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology:

  • Histology 40
  • Integumentary System 40
  • Osteology 100
  • Arthrology 120
  • Myology I and II 160
  • Cardiology 80
  • Respiratory System 60
  • Introduction to Neurology 20
  • Neurology CNS 60
  • Neurology PNS 60
  • Neurology ANS 60
  • Endocrine System 40
  • Lymphatic and Immune Systems 40
  • Gastrointestinal System 60
  • Urinary System 40
  • Reproductive System 40

Assessment 100
Hydrotherapy 60
Treatment of Specific Conditions 100
Kinesiology 120
Nutrition 20
Review I 20
Review II 20
Review III 20
Exam Prep 40
Career Planning and Preparation Level I 20
Career Planning and Preparation Level II 20

Total Course Hours: 1760
Practical/Clinic/Outreach* Hours: 440
Total Program Duration (Hours) – 2200
Total Program Duration (Weeks) – 88

*Practical/clinic/outreach hours are in addition to class times. Students will be expected to be available for clinics on evenings and weekends through the duration of their program.

Interested in helping and healing others through touch? Whether you’re helping to reduce stress or providing relief from muscle conditions, Eastern Academy’s Massage Therapy Program is an ideal fit for you.


The Massage Therapy Diploma program will qualify grads to pursue positions in Private Clinics, Multi-Disciplinary Clinics, Spas, Wellness Centers, Geriatric Facilities and Self-employment


Grade 12 diploma or equivalent or mature student status. Please call the campus for more details.
Senior High School Biology with at least 75% average or Pre-Science/Health Course with at least 75% average
Proof of medical examination and immunization
Conduct Certificate
Vulnerable Sector Check

NOC CODE: 3326
Salary information may be found on:


Have questions? Browse through the program overview and admission procedure for more details.

Get started with an exciting career opportunity today! Apply now for massage therapy training in St John’s.

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