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We are excited to share that Eastern Academy will be integrating into Academy Canada beginning in August 2024! This transition will offer enhanced educational offerings and provide new opportunities for students.

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We are committed to making this transition smooth and positive for everyone involved. Our focus remains on our students and providing them with the best educational experience possible. Please contact us at or 709-722-8580 for more information.

Massage Therapy Training in St John’s

Massage Therapists are important contributors to wellness and holistic health care. The therapy entails hands-on manipulation of the various soft tissues in the body, such as muscles, tendons, connective tissue, ligaments and joints. It aims to optimize movement and overall health by working on the musculoskeletal, neurological and circulatory systems.

Massage therapy is a flexible and rewarding career option to consider. Qualified graduates can apply in clinics, spas, wellness centres, geriatric facilities or start their own practice. If you are interested, Eastern Academy provides Massage Therapy training in St John’s for a career in the health and wellness field.

Our Massage Therapy Diploma program provides hands-on clinical experience in the form of practical/clinic/outreach hours, excluding class hours and class times. Moreover, Eastern Academy’s Massage Therapy diploma program graduates are eligible to write the CMTNL certification examination, which is required to practice as a Massage Therapist in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Eastern Academy graduates can avail of scholarships valued at $5,000 under the Massage Addict Tuition Reimbursement Program and an opportunity to practice in their massage clinic. This offer can help you pay off your student loan faster and is an excellent start to your career! Click here to learn more.

Training Program Details

If you are interested in providing relief and treating those struggling with acute and chronic pain from muscle conditions, join Eastern Academy and study Massage Therapy in St John’s. This program is structured to train you in the specialized massage techniques needed to pursue a full-time career in Massage Therapy, client relations and business skills.

Some key features of this program are noted below:

Real-world work experience with clinical outreach sessions
Recognized by the Newfoundland and Labrador Massage Therapist Association (NLMTA)
Program Length: 88 Weeks

Program Overview

Do you want to be able to help people? Whether you’re helping to reduce stress or providing relief from muscle conditions, the Massage Therapy program at Eastern Academy is an ideal fit in promoting health and wellness through physical contact.

Not only will you learn the technical massage skills required for this career, but you’ll also walk away with knowledge on client relations and the best business practices to kickstart your career in Massage Therapy.

Program Courses

Here is the list of courses to be covered under the Massage Therapy diploma program:

Student Success Strategies 20 Hours
Software Lab: Computer Fundamentals 40 Hours
Professional Business Ethics, Regulations and Business Practice 20 Hours
Human Relations 20 Hours
Public Health 20 Hours
Introduction to Massage Therapy and Medical Terminology 80 Hours
Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology:

  • Histology 40 Hours
  • Integumentary System 40 Hours
  • Osteology 100 Hours
  • Arthrology 120 Hours
  • Myology I and II 160 Hours
  • Cardiology 80 Hours
  • Respiratory System 60 Hours
  • Introduction to Neurology 20 Hours
  • Neurology CNS 60 Hours
  • Neurology PNS 60 Hours
  • Neurology ANS 60 Hours
  • Endocrine System 40 Hours
  • Lymphatic and Immune Systems 40 Hours
  • Gastrointestinal System 60 Hours
  • Urinary System 40 Hours
  • Reproductive System 40 Hours

Assessment 100 Hours
Hydrotherapy 60 Hours
Treatment of Specific Conditions 100 Hours
Kinesiology 120 Hours
Nutrition 20 Hours
Review I 20 Hours
Review II 20 Hours
Review III 20 Hours
Exam Prep 40 Hours
Career Planning and Preparation Level I 20 Hours
Career Planning and Preparation Level II 20 Hours

Total Course Hours: 1760 Hours
Practical/Clinic/Outreach* Hours: 440 Hours
Total Program Duration (Hours) – 2200 Hours
Total Program Duration (Weeks) – 88 Hours

*Practical/clinic/outreach hours are in addition to class times. Students will be expected to be available for clinics on evenings and weekends through the duration of their program.

Interested in helping and healing others through touch? Whether you’re helping to reduce stress or providing relief from muscle conditions, Eastern Academy’s Massage Therapy Program is an ideal fit for you.


We have tailored the program to be as holistic as possible. Taking a well-rounded approach to Massage Therapy has helped our students become certified massage therapists and enhance the overall quality of their lives. You can touch the lives of others and become a source of positivity. Taking away people’s pain by your knowledge of muscles and soft tissues is a gratifying experience. In an anxiety-ridden world, people need an opportunity to de-stress and unwind, and they need capable hands they can trust. Be that hand of help, and we will make you competent. Get started on this beautiful journey; apply now.


The Massage Therapy Diploma program will qualify grads to pursue positions in private clinics, multidisciplinary clinics, spas, wellness centres, geriatric facilities and self-employment.

Please note that massage therapy is a regulated profession within Newfoundland and Labrador.

You must complete the College of Massage Therapists of Newfoundland and Labrador (CMTNL) certification examination to practice in the province. Graduates from our program are eligible to write the CMTNL certification examination.

Professional Benefits

There are multiple benefits of a career in Massage Therapy, including:
It allows you a shift in lifestyle: You will be equipped with the tools and the wisdom to navigate through the pain and discomfort in other people’s bodies and relieve them of it. People will put their trust and confidence in qualified professionals like yourself.

It allows you to live the best of both worlds: You could choose to build your clientele based on your location, time, and lifestyle preferences. Some people operate out of their homes, and some have gone mobile. You can take your pick! There is a lot of flexibility. If you prefer the traditional security that comes with a salaried job, you could join a spa. A spa is convenient in terms of investment, space, and stability.

It gives you a deeper knowledge of the human body: Once you have a basic understanding of the circulatory system, skin, and soft tissues, you can apply the same in your personal care routine. This knowledge and familiarity with the body can also be used to apply preventative measures to your loved ones or detect when they might need medical attention.

It gives you the confidence to educate others: You will be able to answer basic questions related to the human body with confidence after the course. A certified therapist can become the go-to person for medical referral, too. Massage therapy also allows you to give back to others by helping them relieve tension safely and professionally.


Grade 12 diploma or equivalent or mature student status. Please call the campus for more details.
Senior High School Biology with at least 75% average or Pre-Science/Health Course with at least 75% average
Proof of medical examination and immunization
Conduct Certificate
Vulnerable Sector Check

NOC CODE: 3326

Salary information may be found on:

Have questions? Browse through the program overview and admission procedure for more details.

Get started with an exciting career opportunity today! Apply now for Massage Therapy training in St John’s.

Massage Addict Tuition Reimbursement Program – Eastern Academy

Attention Eastern Academy graduates – we can help you pay off student loans faster and get your career off to a great start! The Massage Addict Tuition Reimbursement Program offers $5,000 in tuition reimbursement in addition to a position practicing in a Massage Addict Clinic. Click here to learn more.

Pursue Your Career as a Massage Therapist
Join Eastern Academy for Massage Therapy training in St John’s.
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