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Top 10 Dream Jobs that Require a Business Diploma

If you’ve ever thought about taking business programs or courses in St. John’s, Newfoundland there are a few things you should know about the career opportunities that come with education. The business world is only getting more specialized. To move up the ranks quickly, you will need the education to make yourself indispensable to your employers. Here are ten of the hottest jobs in St. Johns that require certification in a business program or course.

1. Chief technology officer

Technology departments of companies are no longer simply support. More often than not, they’re where the innovation and growth are happening. Getting to the top will mean not only knowing technology, but its business uses as well.

2. Payroll administrator

With companies hiring more and more contractors and freelancers, relations between employers and employees are getting complex. The job of payroll administrator is in greater demand than ever.

3. Accounts payable clerk

Just as the Canadian workforce is getting more diverse, so are the number and nature of contracts and payments between companies. Accounts payable clerks are in charge of all the invoicing for companies.

4. Accounting assistant

With the recent advances in the field of risk-management, accountants have gone from simply keeping the books to an even more central and active aspect of every business.

5. Office Administrator

If you’re good at coordinating complex efforts by multiple people, office administration might be for you. Become an expert at efficient business organization.

6. Business applications specialist

These specialists help businesses bring management, technology, and workers together into an efficient whole. If you’re interested in all aspects of business, this career might be for you.

7. Health informatics manager

The healthcare sector of the North American economy shows no sign of slowing its growth. Organizing all the information produced by that economy will only be more important in the years to come.

8. Public relations manager

Even the public relations sector is now demanding that their employees have a solid business background. Get an advantage over the competition by specializing in this unique sector of business.

9. Computer and information system manager

Management of technology and information systems is now the life-blood of business. Whether its getting feedback from customers or making sure orders get to their destinations on time, this sector is an essential one.

10. Human resources manager

Even sectors of business that require communications skills require some knowledge of good business practices, even Human Resources.

Even sectors of business that require communications skills require some knowledge of good business practices, even Human Resources.
Your first step toward the paycheque you want is to get the education you need. At Eastern Academy, we offer business programs and courses to the St. John’s community that are designed to help you get the job you want. Contact us today to find out more about classes in business, healthcare, technology, among other options. Our students are training for the real world.

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