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Computer Application Program in St John’s

4-week field placement
Accelerate your office computer skills
Program Length: 22 Weeks

Program Overview

Looking to fast track your computer skills? Be on the cutting edge of computer software use with the Computer Business Applications course at Eastern Academy.

Whether you’re upgrading your existing abilities or a newcomer to standard office software, this program provides hands-on training to ensure you’re ready to tackle the technology challenges of the modern workplace.

Program Courses

Student Success Strategies 20 hours
Computer Fundamentals 40
Computer Fundamentals: Word Processing 40
Computer Fundamentals: Spreadsheets 40
Computer Fundamentals: Presentations 40
Computer Fundamentals: Database Management 40
Business Math 40
Writing for Comprehension 40
Image Development 20
Career Planning and Preparation Level I 20
Career Planning and Preparation Level II 20
Field Placement 4 Weeks
Total Weeks (without breaks) – 22
Total Weeks (with maximum scheduled breaks) – 25


Successful graduates of the Computer Business Applications program can expect careers in any type of organization, large or small, in the private, government or manufacturing sectors.


Grade 12 or equivalent or mature student status. Please call the campus for more details.

NOC CODE: 1411
Salary information may be found on:

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