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A Fresh Start at Eastern Academy in St. John’s

Are you ready for a fresh start? So are we! At Eastern Academy in St. John’s, we’ve renewed everything… from our website to our name, logo, brand and even our campus! Everything’s in place to welcome you with open arms.

But enough about us! Are you ready for this new chapter in your life? You’ve taken the most important step and enrolled in a life-changing program at Eastern Academy in St. John’s. We have so much to offer, from programs to healthcare to event management. You’re ready to hit the ground running…Now what?

Let’s take a look at what to expect on your first day at school:

Nerves! Whether you’re coming fresh from high school or you’re in mid-life, you might find the first day of classes a little overwhelming. The best way to overcome the jitters is to be well prepared. For starters, buy your textbooks and supplies ahead of time. Also, tour the campus before your first day of class to locate the important spots like the registrar’s office, bookstore and cafeteria, and your classrooms. Knowing where to park is also a plus. Get a schedule of activities planned for new students. Are you sharing living accommodations with others? Set up a schedule with them so you’re not tripping over each other for the bathroom in the morning! You get the picture….

The first day

Try to attend orientation meetings. They can be very helpful… if nothing else, you’ll realise you’re not alone with your questions and concerns! Come to class prepared. Bring a notebook to take notes and something in which to keep handouts. Though some teachers will use the first class as a simple introduction to the syllabus and what is expected of you, others will get right into the material. Be prepared!

The work

Our programs at Eastern Academy in St. John’s are some of the best in Canada. They’re a crucial first step towards an exciting career in many fields. But you’ll have to work for it! Be ready. Be disciplined. Don’t miss classes, and start your work as soon as it’s assigned. Study for exams ahead of time. Don’t cram.


Yes, there is time to relax. In fact, the only way to be successful in one of our programs at Eastern Academy in St. John’s is to know how to balance your hard work with leisure. Studying can be fun! You just have to have the right work-life balance.

Have questions regarding programs in St. John’s? Contact us at Eastern Academy! We have a program in St. John’s that’s right for you and the resources to help you be successful.

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