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Start a Meaningful Career at Eastern Academy’s Child and Youth (with Addictions) Support Worker Program

If you are searching for a fulfilling career that has a meaningful, lasting impact on the people you work with, consider training to become a child and youth worker at Eastern Academy.

An at-risk or struggling child is in an important, formative part of their development, where bad situations can have a lasting impact on their lives. Your help and expertise can have a real, direct effect and create lasting change for those who are struggling with social, emotional, behavioural and mental health concerns or addiction.

5 Reasons to Become A Child and Youth Worker

Choosing this career path is a life-changing decision to join a system of healthcare professionals whose mission is to help children, youth and families in need. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider becoming a child and youth worker:

  1. Rewarding work – If you want human interaction and the chance to make a real difference in the lives of children and youth in need, this is the job for you. Your hard work and perseverance will be rewarded by seeing the tangible effects it has on the children and youth you work with.
  2. Grow as a person – During your career, you will not only make meaningful changes in other people’s lives, but you will also grow and change as a person. Working in these circumstances can be challenging and has you dealing with people in some of their most difficult moments. But the process of helping them work through those struggles will teach you as much about yourself as it does about others, and the wisdom you gain will be significant.
  3. Be part of a close-knit team – A core part of your education at Eastern Academy will be teaching you how to be part of a team of workers who collaborate and help each other. Being a successful part of a child healthcare system means working with your colleagues to share expertise, wisdom and experience to aid each other in providing better care for others.
  4. Meaningful interactions with people – Getting to know people is part of the job. If you find the detached phone calls and sales pitches of many conventional jobs unsatisfying, this is the solution for you. Here, you will meet and get to know people of all backgrounds and connect in powerful ways.
  5. Create lasting change – When you are in a job as a child and youth worker, you know that you have helped make a person’s life better. That is the kind of impact that few other jobs can offer.

By choosing to study with Eastern Academy in St. John’s, you choose a program that provides a thorough, practical education in child and youth work. Our 82-week program gives you all the tools and knowledge to ensure that when a child needs your help, you have everything you need to provide it.

Begin your career as a Child and Youth Worker today. Learn more about our Child and Youth Care (with Addictions) Support Worker program or call us at 1-844-297-0777.

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