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Six Reasons to Choose Information Technology as a Profession

You can choose Information Technology (IT) as your profession if you possess the ability to learn new tech skills and can stay updated on the latest technology trends. With the desired qualifications and specializations in IT, you can get a job as a tech or an IT expert. IT jobs offer good pay and stability. IT experts can work in multiple business sectors such as transportation, health care and retail. Our IT program at Eastern Academy focusses on network implementation and support skills. The Information Systems Specialist+ is a 71 weeks course including eight weeks of field placement program.

As a network specialist, you configure security systems, maintain network infrastructure and troubleshoot network issues. Good communication and problem-solving skills will help you perform better at your job. The demand for talented and motivated network engineers has been increasing year-over-year.

Why Should You Opt for a Career in Information Technology?

Here are the major benefits which IT aspirants enjoy:

  1. Easy Accessibility – You don’t require a four-year degree program to take up a job in IT. Diploma or certifications in specific areas of IT can also help you get a job.


  1. Variety of Career Choices – Information technology offers diverse job opportunities. You can specialize in multiple technologies such as routing, firewall and IP network design. You can obtain vendor-neutral certifications (by BICSI, CompTIA) or vendor-specific certifications (by CISCO, Juniper) in the technology of your choice.


  1. Flexible Work Timings – Most IT companies offer flexible work timings to ensure better teamwork and job satisfaction among employees.


  1. Better Income – Most IT professionals receive good salary packages. With the right certifications and diplomas, you can move up the ladder with ease.


  1. You are Always in Demand – The screening or interview process for an IT role is a rigorous one, especially for high-end roles. So, there is always a demand for talented individuals.


  1. You Can Become an IT Freelancer – If you don’t want to commit to a company, you can choose to be a freelancer. As a freelancer, you can render your services to multiple organizations simultaneously.

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