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Woman getting a massage therapy session

Did you know that by spending one hour with a client, you can boost their immune system, reduce their bloating and swelling, as well as help reduce their risk of stress-related conditions?

It’s true! Research has proven that massage provide many benefits, making people healthier over time. If you’re looking for a way to contribute to the well-being of society, especially in uncertain times like these, being a massage therapist is the way to go.

Want to learn more about the benefits of massage therapy? Are you thinking about studying Massage Therapy in St. Johns? Get inspired by the impressive power of massage below!

1. Massage and the Immune System

We’ve heard a lot about immunity in the past few years. The W.H.O. encouraged people to drink orange juice and wash their hands better. While you may have known about the first two, you probably didn’t hear about how regular massages can boost your immune system.

When you massage the body, you manipulate and activate structures called lymph nodes. These are the centers in your body that create, activate, and distribute white blood cells, the MVPs of the immune system.

Many people have congested lymph nodes from sedentary lifestyles, leading to weakened immunity.

All massage types boost lymph node function. You can learn specific lymph-activating techniques when studying Massage therapy at Eastern Academy.

2. How Massages Reduce Bloating and Swelling

When there’s an injury or stagnation in the body, fluid rushes to the site in an attempt to heal it. Sometimes, that fluid gets stuck there, leading to swelling, making the body look bloated. This can happen anywhere in the body but is common in legs and arms, especially around the joints.

Massaging these areas breaks up the stagnation and increases the flow of lymph fluid, which we talked about above. The physical manipulation of these areas and improved lymph function leads to quicker healing for injuries.

That’s why so many physical therapists refer their patients for massage therapy!

3. Massage Therapy for Stress Relief

If you haven’t heard, stress can kill you. That’s not an exaggeration. Stress is a risk factor in over fifty diseases (and counting). Too much stress forces the body into fight or flight mode for prolonged periods.

Our fight or flight system is meant for acute moments of danger, not as our natural state.

During a massage, the relaxation people feel can take them from their fight or flight stage back to rest and digest. When you’re relaxed, your nervous system thrives, giving you improved sleep, higher energy, and even better digestion.

Regular massages make a difference in people’s stress levels, reducing their risk of stress-related diseases.

Helping People Through Massage

If you’ve always wanted to help people and improve their health but aren’t built for  a traditionalhealthcare job, Massage Therapy may be for you. It offers flexible hours, the ability to be your own boss, and you can deliver the positive Massage Therapy benefits above.

It’s easy to apply to our Massage Therapy program in St. John’s, and you’ll start practicing quicker than you think. Your future awaits. Apply at Eastern Academy now!

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