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10 famous people that started out pursuing a degree in IT

Information Technology, or IT for short, encompasses a range of fields, including computer science, business information technology, software engineering, web design and development, computer networking and more. Pursuing a degree in IT opens up a whole world of possibilities, and sometimes those possibilities will take you to some pretty surprising places. Keep reading for ten success stories that started with a technology program.


Top 10 Dream Jobs That Require a Business Diploma

If you’ve ever thought about taking business programs or courses in St. John’s, Newfoundland there are a few things you should know about the career opportunities that come with education. The business world is only getting more specialized. To move up the ranks quickly, you will need the education to make yourself indispensible to your employers. Here are ten of the hottest jobs in St. Johns that require certification in a business program or course.


Make a difference, become a child and youth care worker!

Every day in Newfoundland and across Canada, there are thousands of at-risk children who are experiencing social and psychological problems at home and at school. Child and youth workers are in a prime position to offer the support and guidance that brings about the kind of change these children desperately need to lead fulfilling and successful lives.


A Fresh Start At Eastern Academy In St John’s

Are you ready for a fresh start? So are we! At Eastern Academy in St. John’s, we’ve renewed everything… from our website to our name, logo, brand and even our campus! Everything’s in place to welcome you with open arms.

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